On the Prowl for the Best Longboards

Imagine yourself lying on your 8 foot longboard while you try to balance everything with the help of your knees and feet and you paddle your way through the on-coming whitewater. After sometime, you see this nice swell coming your way. You decide to ride best gravity longboard!

You paddle with all your might as the salt water gets into your eyes and mouth, finally you feel and hear the wave from under your longboard giving your the cue to stand up. Then there is this intense feeling that you have once again conquered nature.

One can never forget the feeling of being stoked from the 1st time you caught your first wave in a surfboard. You long to experience it after time goes by. And being in a country that has no access to surf you’ll try to get the next best thing.

Last week I managed to scour the city hall area of Singapore just to look for longboards. A few searches from Google led me to Peninsula Shopping centre where two shops are currently selling the best longboards in the market.

Walking in the streets from my office under the drizzling rain, I managed to locate this shop in the basement level of the building called Interstate Longboards.

Surprisingly, they have the Original Longboards brand. From what I recall, they have the Apex 37, The 37 Pintail as well as the Pintail 40, and a Malakai 40.

So there I was, ecstatic by the selection in front of me. Holding each one with both hands as I think of the ways and places I’ll be using it. The owner of the shop even mentioned that he already sold 3 longboards for the day and that Original Longboards is one great board to start with.

I am thinking in the lines of just getting an Apex 37 (2011) or a Pintail 37.

Here’s a brief description of the two boards:

The Original Longboard: Pintail 37. Excellent design, it looks like a surfboard on wheels and the graphic is a classic. It appears to be the perfect board for a Longboard beginner like me. but there’s another option that will surely make me think twice.

The Original Longboard: Apex 37 (2011 design), The brand talks about advanced Forged Carbon technology built into these decks for strength and stability, and from what I experienced, it’s really lightweight. The total selling point is the design and graphics of the whole thing. You wont mind mounting this Longboard on your wall and stare for hours on end.

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